At Husky/Mohawk locations, Mr. G. Guzzler would receive a discount of 3.5 cents/L on any day of the week. But, if he went on one of three specific days of the week (days vary by location) he would receive an extra discount of 7 cents/L. That means the discount would be 10.5 cents/L on these three days.  If Mr. G. Guzzler purchased 38 litres of gas every week for a year (only on days that he gets the regular 3.5 cents + 7 cents = 10.5 cents off per litre) he would save $207.48.
Also, if he has a CAA membership card, he will earn 1.5 cents/L in CAA dollars. So after spending $2600 on 1976 litres of gas for one year, he would have earned $29.64 towards the renewal of his CAA membership for the following year.
He would also save $1 off of a car wash for every 25 L of gas he purchased. So after only a few fills, he could get a free car wash, or wash his car every week for $1 less than the normal cost.
– J.P.


At Safeway gas bars, Mr. Guzzler would need to become a member and get a Safeway Club Card to receive any rewards. The membership is free and simple to fill out in store or online.

When Mr. Guzzler purchases $35 worth of goods at Safeway and swipes his club card, he receives 7 cents/L in gas savings for the next time he purchases fuel.

In order for our gas guzzler to get the discount every week, he would need to spend at least $35 per week on groceries. If he does, the 7 cent/L discount will total $138.32 in total fuel saved over year. However, he would have to spend at least $1820 on groceries to qualify for those savings. Spend more on groceries, save less on gas, is it worth it?

– E.Z.

Petro Canada

The only thing that could be more rewarding than Petro Points is if they called them Gold Stars. Petro makes it easy to collect Petro Points as it is free to join and 10 points are awarded for every dollar spent on gas. Also, when you sign up for the Petro Points card, the member instantly saves 3.5 cents/litre.

It doesn’t take long to accumulate enough points to redeem for, say, a 591 mL bottle of Pepsi Max (1200 pts). Mr. G Guzzler would be able to treat himself to an overdose of caffiene with only two and a half fill ups.

But G Guzzle has a fever and the only prescription is more discount. Cue the Fuel Saving Rewards card. To get the Savings card, one would first need to accumulate 15,000 Petro Points. When acquired, the Savings card will give an extra 5 cents/L off gas for the next 200L. Add to that, the 3.5 cents for having a Petro Points card, Savings card holders will save 8.5 cents/L at the pump. Not too shabby.

Now for fun with numbers: G Guzzler would have to spend $1500 to get the Savings card. That would take 30 weeks, then from there he could reap the benefits of $8.5 cents/L off for the next 5.25 fill ups, then back to $3.5 cents/L for the final 16.75 tanks of the year.

So…for the first 30 weeks, Guzzler would save a total of $39.90 on gas. Then with the card he’d save $16.99, then back to the 3.5 cents/L discount. He’d save $22.28 over the rest of the year. Grand total of $79.17 over the year.



Superstore/Extra Foods gas bars are only available at certain locations, but offer big savings on in-store purchases. The discount comes in the form of a credit note called a SuperBuck, and the value depends on how much gas is purchased and form of payment.

If G.G. purchases 38 litres of gas ($50) and pays with his PC MasterCard or PC Debit card he will receive 15 cents/litre in SuperBucks, which totals $5.70/week. That’s a savings of $296.40 per year in SuperBucks.
* Warning:  Don’t wait too long to spend the SuperBucks, because they expire every 2 months. So rather than saving to purchase a big item, use it towards groceries every 2 months and save $45.60 off the grocery bill (that could buy one mother of a turkey for Thanksgiving).

If G.G. purchases 38 litres of gas ($50) and pays with any other form of payment (Debit, MasterCard, Visa, cash) he will receive 7.5 cents/litre in SuperBucks, which totals $2.85/week. That’s a savings of $148.20 per year in SuperBucks. If he were to put those towards groceries every month, he would save $22.80 off his grocery bill every 2 months.

SuperBucks can be used towards in-store purchases on anything, excluding tobacco, lottery, prescriptions, and gas purchases. Valid for 2 months from date issued, and may be combined with other SuperBucks.

– J.V.



CO-OP offers profit sharing to its members, with a minimal investment of $5 per membership. According to the CO-OP promotional materials, this purchase is “one of the best investments you will ever make.”

Now I’m no stockbroker or investment banker but I’ll do my best to explain the CO-OP program, here’s how it breaks down based on last years stats.

Members received 12.5 cents/litre, paid out at the end of the year. Since G.G. bought 38 litres/week of gas (1,976/year), he saved $4.75/week ($247/year).

Additionally, members always receive 3.5 cents/litre right at the pump every time they fill up. At 38 litres/week (1, 976/year), he saved  $1.33/week ($69.16/year).

That means last year, CO-OP members saved 16 cents/litre, a total of $316.16 in savings. For Mr. G. Guzzler, that means his gas only cost him $2,108.16 for the year.

This is a big savings of more than 6 free fills, which is almost two months of gas for free.

– J.V.


Tempo, like Pioneer, is a thing of the past. After visiting three abandoned Tempo stations (the picture of the old Tempo sign below says it all) and calling head office (which was a different businesses number all together) we’ve come to the conclusion that Tempo no longer exists in Winnipeg

Apparently Tempo is owned by CO-OP though, so I think they’re still doing pretty well for themselves. An e-mail request to CO-OP for information about Tempo was not returned.

According to the CO-OP website, “TEMPO dealership is based on the belief that individual owner/operators know and understand the communities in which they operate.” Based on this fact, the quote we were given from a Pioneer Petroleums executive may also apply to Tempo:

The Winnipeg market has a number of locations and the average volume required in order to compete has risen as margins lower. Without other ancillary offers on the property such as stores or a car wash are required.  

Larger format big box companies and co-ops by the way of discounting and using refinery margins in the retail business make it very difficult for any independent to survive in the Winnipeg market.   

Brian Kitchen
, VP Retail Operations & Environmental Affairs 
Pioneer Petroleums



7-11 is world renowned for being the home of the origial Slurpee (eat it, Slush Puppy), but did you know they also serve gas? You did? Well…

Did you know that, along with offering a superior hot dog/bag of chips combo, they also offer Big Bucks with the purchase of gas!? A Big Buck is a $1 coupon redeemable in store at any 7-11. You receieve one Big Buck for every 30L of gas purchased.

What this means for our protaginist, Mr. G Guzzler, is that for the period of a year when he buys 1,976L (38L tank, 52 weeks), he will receive $65 Big Bucks. Taquitos for everyone!

Unforunately, Big Bucks can only be redeemed in store and not on gas, lottery, or tobacco. That’s a lot of money to spend on nachos and big bite hot dogs.

Additionally, three days of the week (which days depend on the 7-11 location), gas buyers are rewarded with a 3.5 cents/L discount. No card, membership, or Slurpee punch card required. On the location we visited, those days were Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If G Guzzler filled up on one of those three days, every week for an entire year, he’d earn $69.16 in gas savings over the year.